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Review and documentation

Starting from where the customer stands is the initial step for a transformation. A systematic documentation and description of the internal IT ecosystem and external data sources delivers the basis for further evolution of IT-systems and processes.

Data management and more

Based on the business requirements and frame conditions facing, we design a digital solution that will be flexible and be the basis for potential next level business needs.

Data model transformation

Transformation of data models that will meet all expectations. In many cases business processes will be modified and simplification as well as usability will drive the path of transformation. Based on our brought skill base we offer, we can design, implement and operate bespoke customer solutions for data systems integration.

Business Intelligence

In order to provide a comprehensive but compact overview of the data insights, we use dashboards where the data views can be easily adopted real time by the user and data can be exported to commonly used data formats like Microsoft Excel.

Environmental Monitoring

Since more than 30 years in the Environmental Monitoring business we are experts in designing, building, maintaining and operating Air Quality Monitoring systems. Our Ambient Data Manager collects, stores, harmonizes and normalizes Environmental Data provided by measurement devices from all major manufacturers in the industry. With the support of our Analytics team, we help our customers to understand the data with regards for example to the impact on human health and the compliance to EN and US-EPA regulations.