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Data Analytics is part of our DNA –
Data Analytics is part of our DNA –

Specialists for
Data Analytics

The emergence of technology as a key driving force in all sectors of the world has led to the generation of massive amounts of data today. Without Data Analytics, companies cannot understand what this information means.

As specialists for Data Analytics we‘re focusing on how to extract insights from data (Structured and Unstructured data) and applying the knowledge and skills to solve problems.

Management of data

Our expertise in System Integration and combining data sources is our passion. Automated work flows will visualize the insights in dashboards for an easy understanding. Companies are typically using multiple sources of data as for example ERP, CRM, Cloud services, 3rd party databases or simply data files in order to get the insights visualised in dashboard. We have deep knowledge in database management (like Oracle), ERP systems (like SAP), Microsoft applications (like PowerBI) or Qlik products.

Vertical set of solutions

As our sister company MLU in Poland is market leader in environmental monitoring business we combined our expertise and built a vertical set of solutions for monitoring the emissions in ambient air completed by a software solution for applying data analytics.